Used X-ray Systems:   

Bucky devices 

Compact, versatile, and right for the job

ln the hospital or an outpatient clinic, different devices can be suitable depending on the space available in the X-ray Bucky room. We help you choose the most medically appropriate equipment.

Where space is at a premium

For smaller rooms we have a range of compact systems that don't require much space. This includes devices with 100 to 200 cm film focallengths for orthopedic examinations or surgery.

For large Bucky rooms

For hospitals with more space, we offer 30 Bucky devices with ceiling mount for all application areas in patient care. For medium to large X-ray rooms we also have Bucky devices that do not require a ceiling mount.

All systems are equipped with tube generators of the latest generation, with medium and high-frequency high-voltage systems and collimators. Allare tested and delivered ready for use.

Ask us - we'll be glad to help.